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Five Classic Examples of Trademarks

What is a trademark? “A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these that identifies your goods or services.”  A trademark is how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors. There are many different types of marks that can function as a trademark.  It could […]

The Future is Changing for IP Laws in the UK

The future is bright for so many, but with the constantly changing world that we live in, IP laws have to adapt to these changes. This doesn’t go without saying that some other laws could follow, but IP laws are quickly becoming obsolete in such a high technology driven world. The UK is currently finding […]

IP Law Legal Concerns That Come with Pokemon Go

The new game that has been sweeping the nation is also one that has a lot of legal backlash that is coming to it. The Intellectual Property laws that are out there may not cover all of the basics that come with the game itself, which can cause a real problem for the company that […]

A New Draft in IP Law Proposes Some Major Changes

IP News Abroad Turkey is preparing for some up and coming changes that they’re going to be making to their IP law. These new laws are for the people that own these rights, looking to make them stronger and better at protecting the overall well-being of the owners, without having to worry about further issues […]

Protecting trademarks on social media

Social media is an excellent way to present your brand to new and existing customers. Much of commerce takes place online, and social media allows you to effectively market goods and services affordably. As others share your posts and products, new customers see your brand. Like much of the Internet, however, it is difficult to […]

Tips to get the most out of an intellectual property license

Licensing your intellectual property allows you to contribute to innovation in a broader sense by allowing others to access your ideas and innovations, and it helps you earn more money on your own innovation. Navigating the world of an intellectual property license is difficult, as you want to strike a balance between your interests and […]

PepsiCo Vs. D. W. Hunter – Is it a Real Case?

With people becoming more and more aware of intellectual property, the number of cases and confusion regarding these types of cases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many countries, including the US are struggling to get a handle on the situation by modifying and interpreting the laws relating to copyright, patent and intellectual property. However, […]

The Need for Cyber Security

It is true and very much happening that many foreign and domestic companies attempt to illegally acquire your company’s intellectual property (IP) and copyright details. Many unknown companies that seek to develop their economic conditions target high profit giant companies in the United States. Protecting your systems and networks can make your company successful and […]

Honestly – The Honest Company or The Honest Toddler

For those of you with small children and those who are expecting, you may still be in awe of the vast amount of baby products out there. Not only are there more things available for your child then they could ever need, there are more and more parent blogs popping up, each with its own […]

Trademarks, Blue Ivy and False Headlines

By Mark Warzecha I recently read an article in Rolling Stone with the title, “Jay-Z and Beyoncé lose bid to trademark Blue Ivy.” I thought this was interesting so I researched the US PTO. Contrary to the title of the article, Jay-Z and Beyoncé did not lose their bid trademark “Blue Ivy Carter.”   Actually, their […]

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