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I Want to Make a Prototype. How do I Protect my Idea?

You have a great idea and you are ready to take the next step and have a prototype built. This may require the expertise of a draftsman, engineer, or manufacturing house, maybe even an investor. While the best way to protect any invention is often a patent, there may be considerations that prevent filing for […]

Basics Every Inventor Should Know Regarding IP Laws

Intellectual property rights have been known for years and with this comes the ability to adapt to the new years, the new products and the inventors that make them. However, when the laws are unclear; then something can go wrong for the inventor and the products. This is not generally something that is welcomed with […]

Students are Fighting Ridiculous University IP Laws

Students are increasingly running into issues where they create innovations while as a student at a University and the University has a policy in place stating that the creations belong to them, or partially belong to them. This is a serious issue that is taking away from the creations of our youth and Caleb Carr […]

Why Intellectual Property Laws Were Created

Intellectual property laws are as old as the Middle Ages and they probably go back even farther than that, that’s just the oldest proof that we have that they existed at all. Anyway, back in the Middle Ages Guilds were given control of a specific profession or skillset. The guilds were given full control over […]

Repel Mosquitos with Your Clothing with This Patent Approved Design

Being accepted for a patent in both Canada and the United States allows this company to gain more exposure throughout the world on their virtual intelligent fabric. It is the first step to being able to market and sell throughout the numerous sectors. When it comes to commercializing this type of product, it is going […]

Mistakes that Inventors Make When Attempting to Obtain a Patent

When it comes to information and legal standings some people may have a harder time than others. There is an abundance of information out there regarding the legal and personal matters of inventions and what rights inventors have when creating a new or improved creation. However, many inventors tend to make very common mistakes when […]

Who Owns the Invention?

It happens all of the time – an employee that works for you comes up with an amazing invention. Maybe it is an app or it is a piece of software that helps your company grow. Whatever the case may be, it allows you exponential growth. Now the employee decides it is time to move […]

Can I License my Invention Without a Patent?

Technically, an invention can be licensed without having patent protection, but why would anyone pay for a right that was not protected?

Hiring an Intellectual Property Attorney

There used to be a time when intellectual property attorneys were hard to come by since the number of disputes arising out of intellectual property violations used to be few and far between. It is not really a surprise that most of these cases used to be handled by lawyers who might not have specialized […]

“19% Employees Laid Off” – Is Everything Fine with Intellectual Ventures?

Since its foundation in 2000 by Microsoft veterans Edward Jung and Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures has managed to raise $6 billion in investments and acquire 70,000 intellectual assets. Some of their investors included technical giants Intel, Nokia, Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Sap, Sony, Apple, Yahoo, eBay American Express, NVIDIA, and investment companies Stanford, Mayo Clinic, the […]

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