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Are notaries and witnesses needed while making an official will?

Whether notarization or witnesses are needed to make a will official will depend on the state where the will maker lives. Additionally, the amount of witnesses needed at a will signing will also vary from one state to another. Many states just require 2 witnesses to be there as a will maker signs the will […]

Things to include in your will

There comes a time when we all have to think about the inevitable; what will we leave our loved ones when we pass away. Whether or not you have a large estate to divide up or just a few treasured family heirlooms, it takes some careful consideration who will receive what and how to ensure […]

What’s the Process for Making Changes to a Will?

Life changes, we all know that. What you set forth in your will when you first arrange it may not still be what you want down the road. People leave your life for various reasons; assets change; and needs adjust. Your last will and testament is not set in stone the minute that you make […]

What is the process of settling an estate without a will?

Having a will prepared is something most people think about at some point in their life.  Many people think they need to have a substantial amount of wealth to have a will.  Or they think they need to own property to have a will.  And what about your minor children; do you need a will […]

What is Formal Administration?

When a loved one passes and they have left behind adequate assets that go above and beyond the expenses of their funeral and burial, formal administration of their assets may be necessary. This of course can be avoided if they have a will or trust that names specific beneficiaries or there is joint ownership of […]

Laws on last wills and testaments

Many people think that it is not necessary to leave behind any last wills and testaments about their personal belongings for various reasons. This is a wrong choice as in such a scenario, the state will make one on its own, which may create a point of contention and a series of law suits between […]

Defining Power of Attorney

When a person wishes to create a will, they may also create a power of attorney just in case something may happen in the future to incapacitate them from making individual and legal decisions. Each state may vary on how to create the power of attorney. The person who is given the power of attorney […]

Key Elements to Consider in a Will

Unfortunately, most people die without a will, and of those people more than 50% have children. The majority of individuals feel that they don’t have the knowledge to create a will or that it will take too much time to prepare or that they really don’t have anything to leave behind so they feel there’s […]

Top Six Questions about Wills

Talking about wills can be an uncomfortable conversation. Not only is it difficult to discuss life’s uncertainties, but there are often more questions than answers when dealing with this subject. These five questions will help get you on the right path to understanding your will. Do I Need A Will? Yes. If you don’t have […]

What to Include in Your Last Will and Testament

The last chance that you have to make sure that everything you want to happen after you pass away does happen. You cannot make any changes to it because once it is in effect, you will be dead. It is a very important matter. When completing your last will and testament you should take it […]

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