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New Law in Virginia is Stopping Kids Under 16 From Getting Married

While many people did not even know that children under the age of 16 could get married throughout many of the states in the country, now there is a ban that is being put on the children from being able to get married if they’re not at least 16 and with the permission of their […]

Access to Justice Conference is Exploring the Need for Civil Legal Assistance

Legal professionals throughout New York, as well as other states, have all come together to speak with one another on ways that they can make their civil law services more affordable. The number of people that have to represent themselves in civil law cases is astonishing, because they’re unable to cover the costs of having […]

Civil Lawsuit for Gross Negligence in Boating Tragedy

It is something that nobody likes to think about, but if you are involved in an unfortunate incident that injures you then you have the right to ‘be made whole’ both physically and financially. That legal process becomes even more important when you are on a guided adventure where the very people that you paid […]

Holten vs. Narconon Arrowhead

Imagine a loved one has fallen into a cycle of substance abuse. You’re able to address the situation with this person and agree that help is required. You do your research, you find specialists in the area and this person decides to take the next step of moving into a facility where they can be […]

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