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A Pennsylvania Woman Receives Benefits for Her Common Law Marriage from Deceased Wife

Same sex marriage is a bit confusing in states like Pennsylvania, where the unions are expressed through a Commonwealth marriage. This is a different system than a legal marriage between a man and a woman, and that can sometimes complicate things when the couple wants the benefits that come along with a standard legal marriage. […]

Wacky Lawsuits

Today’s world has become a world of people seeking to be rich and people also seeking to never have responsibility for their actions.  This combination has led to some of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever filed.  For those of us who are a bit more responsible, these lawsuits at least offer some entertainment value. Have […]

Possible Patent Infringement?

Have you ever invented something? If you have you might know what a patent is already. If you don’t already know hopefully your idea wasn’t stolen from you, or maybe you just haven’t had a chance to create the next big thing. Big companies in all sorts of sectors come up with big things. A […]

3 Funny Intellectual Property Lawsuits

In the food industry, intellectual property is extremely important because your brand and its appearance is what sells your product. You never want to “look” like your competition. Trademarks, symbols, mascots, even fonts and colors and packaging materials — all these and more fall under category of law called intellectual property. Here are three interesting and […]

Personal Injury and Recalls

There are thousands of items each year that are unsafe to be sold. However, the defects in some of the items may not be discovered until after the products are manufactured and sold into homes. Once the recall has been discovered, it is up to the purchasers to find the information regarding the recall and […]

Google Facing Lawsuit Over its Motorola Phones in Germany

Perhaps this is not the first time Google is facing a lawsuit, but this time it has to do with infringed phone technology or so a German court says. Patents are there to protect an innovation, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Patent battles are long and hard with both parties putting […]

Joining Hands to Reduce Patent Fights

In today’s world you see a lot of legal battles going on all the time in regard to patents and trademarks.  For example, you can see a Florida company clashing with a Kansas company and that is a common, everyday occurrence. Companies go in for patents to protect their innovations and to prevent others from […]

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