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Which is Better, Contested or Uncontested Divorce?

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce If you are getting a divorce, you might be wondering whether you should insist on all your rights and slug it out in court or simply come to an agreement both you and your spouse can live with. The decision of whether to contest your divorce is a strategic one that […]

Do You Have A Responsibility In A Wrongful Death Case?

Blame; it’s something a lot of people want to put on someone when something bad happens.  Someone has to be responsible; it couldn’t have been just an accident.  When considering wrongful death lawsuits, where does the proverbial buck stop?  Who is responsible for what? Let’s start with something we all hear about every day, 9-1-1 […]

Traffic and Personal Injuries During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us.  As people are dashing to and fro, desperately trying to finish their shopping, the roadways are clogged up with more than the normal amount of cars.  It is also a time of year when deliveries by truck are at an all-time high.  Add to this, the fact that we all […]

Monkey’s Selfie Cannot be copyrighted

In a recent event, British photojournalist David Slater, has accused Wikipedia of copyright infringement when the organization allegedly refused to take down a photo taken by a monkey using the camera belonging to Slater. The picture in question is a selfie taken by a black Macaca Nigra monkey, who during a photo shoot in Indonesia […]

International Patents: How Do You Protect Yourself From Foreign Copiers?

You’ve got the next greatest money-making idea. You go to the U.S. patent office and get the tights to your idea. That’s all good, but what about the international rights? It’s a small world. You’ve heard that said many times, but especially now in the age of the internet and smart phones, the world has […]

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