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Contraband Forfeiture to Save Abused Animals

You love your pets, most likely just like another member of the family. You care for them, cuddle with them and enjoy their companionship. It’s hard to imagine that there are people out there who could do otherwise, that there are those who would cause harm to the animals that share their home. Fortunately, there […]

Intellectual Property theft is on the FBI radar

The crime of stealing has been around since the beginning of man, possibly even before.  All forms of life “steal”.  Think about your pets; haven’t you seen one dog take a toy from another?  Haven’t you witnessed that cherished meal being enjoyed by a seagull and then being stolen by another?  Even with trees; the […]

Can You Automatically Become Married?

Not all 50 states acknowledge what is known as a common law marriage.  This is the term given when individuals have lived together for so long the state acknowledges them as a married couple.  The rights may be similar or even the same as a legal marriage in states that recognize common law marriage; however, […]

How to Get a Hunting and Fishing License

It is coming up on deer season and the weather is much more favorable for fishing.  Before you hit the great outdoors, you need a license to hunt and/ or fish.  It is up to your state to issue them.  Obtaining a license is not very difficult, but get caught hunting or fishing without one […]

Boater Safety Courses Help Prevent Boating Accidents

There is a new law in the state of Florida that requires anyone whose birthdate is or comes after January 1, 1988 must take and pass a boater safety course that has previously been approved by the state. Before this law was put into effect, anyone who was 21 or younger had to undergo a […]

Tobacco Lawsuits aren’t over!

In the 1950’s, after years of being declared that smoking is safe and even healthy, scientific studies were published that proved once and for all, that a link existed between cigarette smoking and cancer.  At that time, the lawsuits started.  Tobacco companies were being sued regarding product liability, negligence and even fraud.  You would think […]

Food for Thought: Images on the Internet

In this day and age where anyone can write a blog or put up a website many use images found on the internet to use to make their blog more interesting. Many times these bloggers or website owners will then be shut down after getting a threatening letter from an attorney over the use of […]

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