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Katie McLaughlin Taking Sandwich Giant Subway to Court

If you are not familiar with the name Katie McLaughlin, she is the ex-wife of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle. She has not only divorced the convicted sex offender, but is now taking the sandwich chain to court which Fogle used to represent. The reasoning behind her taking the sandwich chain to court is to […]

Do You Have A Responsibility In A Wrongful Death Case?

Blame; it’s something a lot of people want to put on someone when something bad happens.  Someone has to be responsible; it couldn’t have been just an accident.  When considering wrongful death lawsuits, where does the proverbial buck stop?  Who is responsible for what? Let’s start with something we all hear about every day, 9-1-1 […]

Business Lawyers are Vital to All Businesses

It is often said that all successful businesses start from a unique idea; however, it is also important to point out that in order to turn that idea into a viable business there has to be a robust support system at work. Business lawyers are a big part of this process so that the people […]

What determines the value of a wrongful death verdict?

Once a verdict has been found finding someone responsible for a wrongful death, there needs to be an amount of money determined to be awarded to the family.  Have you ever wondered just how this sum is determined?  Is there a formula that judges use to calculate that amount?  It turns out there are 8 […]

Courtney Love’s Twitter Case to be tried in US Cases of Libel

With information expressways like Twitter these days, it’s incredible just how quickly topics can spread – good, bad and ugly. The internet is chock full of all kinds of knowledge and of course, opinions. We see restaurants’ fates determined by the strength of their reviews on Yelp, and how quickly the pendulum can swing by […]

Is My Cancellation of Debt Tax-Free?

I bought my condo in 2010.  I was living the American dream.  Life was good and then about a year later my circumstances drastically changed.  I was laid off from my company.  Suddenly paying my once very manageable mortgage became increasingly more difficult.  I began to struggle and had to dip heavily into my savings. I fortunately […]

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