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How Litigation Cases Are Formed

Litigation cases are where a lawsuit was the only option after exhausting the other legal options regarding a dispute. Litigation cases can come in many forms such as an eviction proceeding or an automobile accident. There can be several outcomes of a litigation case, but most of them do not see the inside of a […]

Getting Hurt by a Product Can End up in Civil Court

You purchase a product with the grand idea that it is going to make your life better in some way, shape or form. But what happens when that purchased product ends up hurting you or does not deliver as promised? Are you able to get financial compensation for the damages that you suffered or the […]

What Is Litigation?

There are many legal terms used in the judicial system that you might not be familiar with.  When becoming part of the judicial system, it helps to understand these terms to make your journey through the process easier to follow.  Most everyone knows some of the basic terms; judge, defendant, complainant, jury and verdict.  And […]

The Georgia Naked Man Civil Suit

Anthony Hill was fatally shot on March 9 earlier this year by a Dekalb county police officer, Robert Olsen in his suburban apartment complex outside of Atlanta.  The case review was just conducted on Thursday, October 22.  The mother of the deceased is optimistic that Olsen will be indicted on the charges. Officer Olsen has […]

What Happens in a General Litigation Process?

Litigation is the term used to describe the process of legal proceedings to settle a dispute between two parties.  In the state of Florida, most civil litigation cases are able to settle outside of court.  However, in the event both parties cannot agree the case will then be determined in court.  If you need a […]

The Major Differences between Criminal and Civil Law

In the United States and some countries abroad, there are two main types of basic law, criminal and civil. There are wrongdoings committed each minute in places all around the world. These wrongdoings are categorized by criminal and civil. Everyone knows that a criminal is someone who commits a crime. Crimes committed can lead to […]

The Latest in Baseball… and steroids …. and A-Rod

Everyone’s been watching as Alex Rodriguez received an unprecedented suspension from baseball due to alleged steroid use.  After receiving an astounding 200 games in his initial suspension, he was able to get a reduction in his sentence to only 162 games through arbitration.  Only recently did A-Rod file suit against the Player’s Union seeking to […]

“Textgate” Settlement Reached

The misuse of cell phones by politicians in recent years has caused many promising careers to abruptly come to an end.  We all use personal cell phones in today’s world, but politicians need to remember that cell phone texts, calls and emails are all public record as Anthony Weiner all knows to well.  Anthony Weiner’s […]

Former Florida A&M Football Player Shot by Police Office While Trying to Seek Help

The family of Jonathan Ferrell has filed a civil lawsuit against those they believe were involved in his death. In September 2013, the 24 year old Ferrell was driving home from dropping off a friend, when he drove off the road and into an embankment in a suburb outside Charlotte, N.C. Unable to open the […]

Can Leaving a Negative Company Review Damage Your Credit Score?

Imagine purchasing a product online only to have it never delivered. When you try to contact customer service for help, no one picks up. You are now out your money with no product and no way to contact the company. What would you do? Would you write a negative review? That is exactly what Salt […]

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