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Department of Labor Orders Gaines Motor Line to Pay Over $1 Million to Fired Employees

The US Department of Labor ordered Hickory, North Carolina trucking company, Gaines Motor Lines Inc. and the company’s two owners to pay four former employees over $1 million dollars in back pay wages and punitive damages after firing them for whistleblowing. On February 28, 2012, the company underwent a two day inspection audit by the […]

Coastal States Ban Together in NFIP Lawsuit Against FEMA

The coastal states of the United States are fighting back against the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for skyrocketing flood insurance rates. Mississippi filed the lawsuit against FEMA accusing the organization of basing their excessive high rate increases for the National Flood Insurance Program off incomplete data. Massachusetts, along with South Carolina and Louisiana are […]

Is Family Dollar Violating Labor Laws?

Family Dollar is in legal trouble yet again. Fourteen former and current Family Dollar managers have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming they were forced to work overtime without pay. The company already fighting a reopened lawsuit filed by female managers claiming they were paid less than their male peers is once again under […]

Penn State and The Jerry Sandusky Case

The scope and horror of all the stories that were uncovered during the take down of Jerry Sandusky, the now maligned former assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University, have parents across the country on high alert. While Sandusky sits in prison serving his 60 year sentence for his criminal conviction of involuntary deviate sexual […]

Brazil Internet Regulation

The international political fall out continues over the revelations of the expansive National Security Agency (NSA) spy program leaked by Edward Snowden. Media attention has been mainly focused on Snowden and his flight to Russia and subsequent asylum. Not as much focus has been paid to the protests across the globe and the especially strong […]

They breached the contract so what kind of damages can I get? How about lost profits or loss-of-use?

By: J. Mason Williams IV It can be difficult to determine what type of monetary damages, if any, a party is entitled to in a breach of contract case.  Even if you determine the type of damages, it can be even more difficult to prove the amount as evidenced in a recent case in Hillsborough […]

Will a Tenant get their security deposit?

By: J. Mason Williams IV I have been asked several times whether a person can get their security deposit back.  Often times, they tell me that they cleaned everything up and the landlord still won’t give them their deposit back.  Why not and what can I do?   Well, first you have to review your […]

Laws Regarding Home Fencing

This spring homeowners may be thinking about sprucing up their properties’ curb appeal. Fences are a popular choice among homeowners to add instant curb appeal to a home. Fences not only aesthetically enhance a home, but they also act as privacy divider.  Are you contemplating installing a fence around your property?  If so, it is […]

Remember This? When Common Sense Loses in a Court of Law

Are you aware that coffee is served hot? How about that if hot coffee were to accidentally spill on someone it could burn that person?  If you knew both these facts, congratulations you have mastered common sense.  Common sense tells us that hot beverages are going to hurt if poured onto our skin.  Anyone who […]

Beach Easements: Are Private Beaches Truly Private?

Rhode Island, known as the Ocean State, has a beautiful coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.  Its private and public beaches are enjoyed throughout the summer months by residents and tourists alike.  One day as a teenager I ventured forth with friends onto a private beach in Newport.  We were hoping not to be noticed if […]

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