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Three Reasons Start Up Companies Should Hire Trademark Attorneys

One of the first things decided upon by entrepreneurs is the name of their company and products.  Once the name is selected, it is time to get down to work.  Entrepreneurs register their businesses with the state, purchase web domain names and build their online websites.  Then as the business grows they may allocate money […]

Say Yes to the Rossetter House: The Perfect Wedding Venue

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, in what was once the center of Eau Gallie, rests the city’s mother of pearl, the old Rossetter House.  The historic Rossetter House is a Victorian beauty.  Built in 1908, the prominent house surrounded by beautiful country gardens was built for James Wadsworth Rossetter, his wife Ella Maude and […]

Remember This? When Common Sense Loses in a Court of Law

Are you aware that coffee is served hot? How about that if hot coffee were to accidentally spill on someone it could burn that person?  If you knew both these facts, congratulations you have mastered common sense.  Common sense tells us that hot beverages are going to hurt if poured onto our skin.  Anyone who […]

Patent Maintenance Fees

By: Mark R. Malek So you have just received your Notice of Allowance for your patent application.  In the Notice of Allowance, there is a requirement for you to pay an issue fee and a publication fee.  You may have paid the publication fee early pursuant to a request for early publication.  Section 1129 of […]

Beach Easements: Are Private Beaches Truly Private?

Rhode Island, known as the Ocean State, has a beautiful coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.  Its private and public beaches are enjoyed throughout the summer months by residents and tourists alike.  One day as a teenager I ventured forth with friends onto a private beach in Newport.  We were hoping not to be noticed if […]

Do you always have to pay rent?

The short answer is no, you don’t always have to pay your rent, but the circumstances that allow you to make partial payments, or to stop paying altogether are very limited.  In short, generally you need to pay your rent.  You might win a case and get that rent returned or get something fixed, but […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Blast Off!

If you happen to travel nearby the Kennedy Space Center on December 1st, there is a good chance you will encounter aliens and other intergalactic creatures.  Well, maybe not real aliens, but definitely people running dressed in alien costumes.  This is the day the 2013 Columbia Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon is scheduled to […]

Can I disinherit someone?

In Florida and many states (if not all states), the short answer is you can absolutely disinherit someone . . . mostly.  There’s a catch or two though.  You can disinherit anyone to a certain degree.  The problem is that statutes sometimes allow certain heirs the ability to take an elective share of the elective estate […]

Beware of Attractive Nuisances Laws in Florida

On January 19, 1986, the American children’s television show, Punky Brewster, featured an episode called “Cherie Lifesaver”.  During this episode, a little girl named Cherie becomes trapped in a discarded refrigerator in a game of hide and seek.  She is not found until hours later, but fortunately is saved before suffocating to death. If this […]

Utility Patents vs Design Patents

For inventors who wish to patent their inventions, may times they will need to acquire both utility and design patents.  What is the difference between utility patents and design patents?  Design patents protect and cover the physical shape and appearance of the invention, whereas the utility patent protects the functionality of the invention.  For instance, […]

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