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The Importance of Filing for Both Utility and Design Patents

While watching Shark Tank Season Five, Episode 10, I was reminded of the importance of filing for both a design and utility patent. The show aired a young family looking to gain financial backing to expand their growing lunchbox business. The couple started Yubo, an environmentally friendly customized lunchbox company. The beauty of their design […]

What Should Your Focus Be?

Where Should Your Focus Be?

We get wrapped up day in and day out with our careers and sometimes we do not place our focus on the places it should be. Watch this video and determine for yourself if you need to reevaluate some things.

A Fitting End(?) to Apple v. Samsung

By: Dan Pierron Nearly a year ago, the verdict in the patent infringement suit Apple v. Samsung came in, awarding Apple $1 billion in damages.  Samsung has finally paid up, in comical fashion.  I’m pretty sure everyone has thought of repaying an unpalatable debt in this fashion, but Samsung’s chutzpah in doing it is, if a […]

Supreme Court Rules That Genes Are Not Patentable

Supreme Court Issues Myriad Gene Patent Ruling

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that an isolated gene is not patentable. The Supreme Court also ruled that the method of isolating the genes, as well as the composite DNA that Myriad Genetics developed were both patent eligible.

The Effect Of Listing An Improper Inventor On A Patent Application

The Effect Of Listing An Improper Inventor On A Patent Application

An inventor is someone that has had some sort of input into a claim that is listed in a patent application. If an improper inventor is listed on a patent application, then the patent that may eventually issue may be invalidated. This is also the case when not all of the inventors are listed on the patent application.

Defamation and the App Store Review Process

Many retailers rely on reviews by other customers to boost goodwill and rely on good service and a high quality product to encourage customers to post positive reviews. Users of the App Store sometimes rely heavily on those posted comments before making a purchase. As I’ve written about in a previous blog post, App Store […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Copyright

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Copyright

If an article online is copyrighted can I use part of their work? What are the rules? Bloggers as a rule of thumb research for interesting topics by surfing the web. Information is gathered and quotes borrowed, by what if there is a copyright notice displayed at the bottom of the page? To many newcomer bloggers this copyright notice is the equivalent of a “do not trespass sign” and in many ways it is….

Who Is An Inventor In A Patent Application?

It is important for a patent application to list the proper inventors. An inventor is not just someone that you want to put on a patent application, but must be someone that contributed in some way to at least one claim in the patent application.

How useful are App Store Reviews?

By: Olinga Mitchell What is the first thing that you look at when you decide to get a new App? After determining that an App may be useful (and sometimes even before), I look at the reviews to gauge whether this App is really worth my time.  Sometimes the comments about the App gush about […]

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