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Do I Need to Copyright My Website?

Most websites have a copyright notice in the footer, which is placed there as a normal practice by website designers. It let’s the world know that the owner of the website has done their due diligence in protecting their content. But what exactly does it mean and what protection does it provide? What is a […]

Facebook Page Likes/Twitter Page Follows – Whose Property is it?

The people of Orlando, FL were taken back by the latest ruling made by a Florida federal court judge in the Stacey Mattocks vs. Black Entertainment Television network, when he ruled that Facebook ‘like’ cannot owned by anyone. The Gist of the Lawsuit Stacey Mattocks, a South Florida based insurance agent, was credited for helping […]

Does Facebook Have Control Over Your IP Content?

Does Facebook have the right to use your photos without your permission? Are your intellectual property rights over personal photos and videos forfeited when posted to Facebook? I am going to address both of these questions separately.  Let us start with the first question.  Can Facebook use your photos without your consent?  No.  Facebook does […]

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