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Disney And Intellectual Property Rights

Disney is one of the most recognized and loved names in the world. Going to Disney World or Disneyland is every child’s dream. They can see all their favorite characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan and more. Yes, Disney knows how to create a fantasy world for children. Even when […]

FBI Warns Healthcare Sector “Further Attacks Possible on Sensitive Data”

After the attack on the CHS network, which resulted in breach of the hospitals IP and put more than 4.5 million files worth of information of patients, who have taken treatment at the Community Health System hospitals for the past five years, at risk; the FBI has warned the sector that more malicious attacks can […]

Be Sure To Guard Your Intellectual Property!

Intellectual property rights are to be carefully guarded as more and more cases that deal with IP rights are coming to light, the very recent being fought in the US District Court in Florida, which shows a new and innovative way of IP infringement. The recent discussion of the US District Court for the Middle […]

On the Wrong Side of the Patent Law

Patents are there to protect innovations and inventions so that the person or the company holding the patent has exclusive rights to enjoy the profits. In broader terms, we need to understand that there is “Intellectual Property” (IP) which refers to any creation of the mind and it can be tangible or intangible in form.  […]

Old Patents are Selling like Hot Cakes

There was a time when patents were guarded as treasures and no competitor was ever going to get close enough for a peek.  In fact, enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP) laws became a big business and businesses were on the constant lookout for patent thieves.  However, there is a twist in the scenario now and […]

On the Lookout for Patent Trolls

There is a very real fear out there about someone filing an Intellectual Property (IP) theft suit against you for your original idea. Creators are holding their patents close to their hearts so that others will not lay claim to them. It is only when IP is protected that it can be productive and be […]

The UN to be the Knight in Shining Armor for Rights on the Internet

We, as humans, have a lot of creative freedom and a right to express what we think, online or offline. However, when it comes to online expressions, there are limitations and virtually any creative work can be stolen easily by fellow Internet users.  In today’s global scenario, it has become next to impossible for  individuals, […]

Update on the MERS Scare in Orlando

In May of 2014, we started seeing news reports of the deadly MERS virus being diagnosed in the Orlando area.  A health care worker from Saudi Arabia was visiting Orlando when he started showing symptoms of the virus.  He was hospitalized at Dr. P Phillips Hospital for several weeks before being released. 

While he was hospitalized, several Orlando residents who worked at the hospital started complaining of being ill.  Out of an abundance of caution, these residents were isolated and treated as if they had MERS.  Twenty other employees, who came into contact with the patient prior to the patient being diagnosed, have also been isolated and tested for the deadly virus.

Along with the patient in Orlando, another in Illinois was tentatively confirmed as having MERS at approximately the same time.  The man from Illinois had recently travelled through the Middle East and was thought to been infected there.  These are the first two reported MERS cases in the United States and it was widely feared that this might be the beginning of an outbreak here in the United States. 

Does the Stand Your Ground Law protect against Civil Judgment?

There may be a few people in the remote backcountry regions of the Amazon who have never heard of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.  There are probably even fewer people who do not have a very strong opinion on the subject.  Although criminal law is pretty clearly defined, civil law […]

Long Train Running

Recently, Orlando residents received some exciting new about a new, and green, transportation solution. Orlando Florida will be getting a brand new light-rail train system that comes packaged in a high-tech futuristic style.  This innovative version of a light rail comes complete with an electro-magnetic levitating system which helps lift the train from the tracks […]

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