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Dinner and a Movie in the Park

Money is tight these days.  Our economy has young families pinching their pennies.  Save, save, save is the name of the game which is easier said than done.  Saving money means spending what was once wild, carefree Friday and Saturday nights at home with only the television for entertainment.  It gets old, but what other […]

You Cybersquatter! That’s My Domain Name

In the early 1990’s before the craze, a young entrepreneur named Ray Sozzi started his company Student Advantage.  His company sold student advantage discount membership cards to the higher education market.  In a stroke of genius or good fortune, he decided to secure several domain names for his business.  One of the domain names […]


  October 25, 2012 Contact: Mark Malek                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 321-255-2332 Email: J. MASON WILLIAMS IV JOINS WIDERMAN MALEK, PL AS ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY Widerman Malek, PL is pleased to announce that J. Mason Williams IV has joined the firm as an Associate Attorney. Mason, a member of the Florida bar, graduated from […]

Private Property Owner

  What happens if a private citizen or company buys some land and the government comes along after the purchase and tells the person or persons, “You cannot build anything on some or all of it because it is a wetlands area”? Thanks to the Florida Land Dispute Resolution Act, property owners in Florida can […]

What to Do About Your Foreclosure

    So you lost your job? Welcome to the club. That puts you in the same boat with most of the people we know. Through no fault of your own the economy tanked and so did the company you work for. So now you can’t make your house payments because you couldn’t find another […]

Prevent! Brevard Sponsorship

Shared by Florida Today on Twitter Prevent! Jamboree Sponsorship Appreciation Party. Brandi Deuterman and Scott Widerman.

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