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How Patents Work

Patents are paper documents and records that grant ownership of an idea to a person. In other words, if you come up with a brilliant idea, such as a gasoline powered engine, you can create a patent, or a detailed description of your invention, and then file a patent surrounding it. The patent is held […]

Nintendo Files New Handheld Game Patent

Large companies continually file patents for products and potential products. Gaming company Nintendo is no different. But one patent filed by Nintendo was just uncovered by a Twitter user and shared on his account this week. The patent is of interest because it possibly represents the next generation of handheld gaming devices. The actual patent […]

New Oncology Medications are on the Rise with New Patents

When it comes to oncology, the medications that are used are vast. With many of them still being tested, developed and implemented; these medications may prove to provide a decline in the cancer that is seen. However, many of the medications that have previously been brought up have been denied a patent to actually be […]

How About Clothing That Alerts You of Things You Forget?

Another type of clothing material, that is being considered one of the smartest fabrics out there is currently being developed and designed for users. Made with numerous wearable sensors, these clothing items are able to help the person do many different things and alerts them when they forget one thing or another. The fabric was […]

The Importance of the NDA

You are excited – you finally came up with an invention. You cannot wait to get your ideas out there, but before you do, you have to protect yourself. This is done with an NDA. This agreement is almost always warranted when you come up with an invention. Think of it as your protection against […]

A Poor Man’s Patent is No Way to Patent Your Idea

A poor man’s patent is not a good way to try to protect your invention. It does not give an inventor the same type of protection as a patent application does, and will not likely be useful to monetize your invention.

What is a Patent?

How many times have you come across inventors who have been ripped off because they did not obtain a patent for their inventions? Quite often isn’t it? Even if you do not specifically know someone, hop online and do a quick search. Chances are you will find hundreds of stories of people claiming that they […]

Widerman Malek Attorneys meet with Brazilian Florida Delegation

On Monday, January 26, a delegation from the Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce (BFCC) visited the offices of Widerman Malek to begin planning for a trip by representatives from Widerman Malek to Brazil. Jefferson Michaelis, Ricardo Barbosa, Daivies Deivis Furlan, and Jasmine Staff of the BFCC joined Mark Malek and Dan Pierron of the firm in […]

Japanese Patent Attorney Aki Ryuka visits with Widerman Malek Clients

  On January 26, 2015, Widerman Malek, PL was honored to host their colleague, Japanese Patent Attorney, Aki Ryuka.  Mr. Ryuka was traveling to our area to attend the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) midyear meeting held in Orlando.  Mr. Ryuka started his visit at the Widerman Malek main office in Melbourne, FL where […]

Patent Office Updates

Some pretty important changes have come across the news wires lately regarding the US Patent Office.  In order to keep our readers up to date, we thought we’d share some of the highlights: The US Patent Office has announced a new Commissioner for Trademarks.  Mary Dennison  assumed her new position on January 1, 2015.  In […]

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