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You’ve got an idea – now what??

It happens to everyone at one time or another.  You’re working on some type of problem and you realize – you’ve got a much better way of solving it.  Or perhaps, you’re playing around with something and it hits you – if you could just add a few minor features, it would be perfect!  After […]

What Needs to be Included in a Patent Application?

So you’ve decided to file a patent. That’s a big step and that means you’re ready to show the world what you’ve created and hopefully make some big money. You’ve made great strides in getting to this point and now it’s time to file your patent application. Yes, it may seem daunting and overwhelming, but […]

7 Easy Steps to Selling Your Patent

Now that you have done all the leg work and have successfully acquired your patent, you may be wondering if you should push forward into production and venture down that sometimes daunting road, or if you should put a price tag on your invention and sell it to the highest bidder? If you choose to […]

True or False – Questions About Intellectual Property

T or F? Improvements to old technologies may be patented.  True. You actually can get a patent on an improvement to an old technology as long as the improvement is something new and it’s not just an obvious improvement—that’s the key. In fact, most technologies are just improvements to things that have come before. T […]

How to Choose the Right Patent Attorney

As an inventor, you know everything there is to know about your inventions. You’ve studied it, revised it, tested it and shared it (at least with a few good friends). Well, now that you’ve done your part, it’s time to find the right attorney who has also studied and skillfully mastered his craft to handle […]

What Documents are Needed When Filing an Application for a Patent

Magazines, books, comics, clothing, and a ton of other products have specialized trademarks on them. These trademarks are used to acknowledge the source of the products. For written works, art, and anything in the artistic spectrum, copyright laws apply. Patents are different from trademarks or copyright because they deal solely with an invention of some […]

5 Myths about Intellectual Property

For the most part, people don’t set out to “steal” someone else’s property or creative ideas, but they are often inspired by what they see or what they’ve heard, which in turn leads them down a sometimes daunted path of inappropriate business dealings equating to the loss of their business, fines, fees and even bankruptcy. […]

The Government and Patent No. 6,630,507

Do you know what Patent No. 6,630,507 is? It’s the patent that the government gave itself for the use of medical marijuana. Yes. You read this right. The government who voiced so strongly that marijuana has no positive medical affect constituting the legalization of the drug. So if that is indeed the case, why are […]

A ‘Sweet’ Patent Judgment for Louisiana State University

Just recently Quest Nutrition LLC sued Louisiana State University in court over the rights to a sweetener the university had developed. A case like this highlights the need to have working agreements that lead to patenting written very clearly and then be legally documented. Any ambiguity in the terms of the working agreement has the […]

Patent Wars Aid Growth of Patent Jobs

We have seen patent wars waged between titans such as Google, Samsung and Apple and it has made us all aware of the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) laws and copyright infringements. While the patent wars may not have been financially beneficial to the companies in question, another sector has been growing in number and […]

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