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Students are Fighting Ridiculous University IP Laws

Students are increasingly running into issues where they create innovations while as a student at a University and the University has a policy in place stating that the creations belong to them, or partially belong to them. This is a serious issue that is taking away from the creations of our youth and Caleb Carr […]

Nintendo Files New Handheld Game Patent

Large companies continually file patents for products and potential products. Gaming company Nintendo is no different. But one patent filed by Nintendo was just uncovered by a Twitter user and shared on his account this week. The patent is of interest because it possibly represents the next generation of handheld gaming devices. The actual patent […]

Google Patent Making Sure You Stick Around After Accident, Literally

A new patent, which Google received on Tuesday, will have pedestrians sticking to your car hood like flies on flypaper.  The purpose of this design is not to prevent the classic “hit and run” scenario, however. It is actually designed to prevent further injury to the pedestrian that was struck. The design is being considered for use […]

What Does the Future Hold for Software Patents?

As technology continues on the fast track, what was once a novel and innovative idea will become commonplace and taken for granted just like the cell phone and air conditioning.  It poses quite the threat to intellectual property rights when you stop long enough to think about it. Eolas Eolas is the name of the […]

Patents – Get the Facts Right Part 2

You’ve ventured into this world of patents for one reason or another. Although it’s exciting it can be equally frightening. There are many myths being tossed about and you’re not sure you have all of the right answers. Well here is some guidance to help you sort through the truths and the myths of patents. […]

How to Determine if a Patent has Expired

There is not one way to determine if a patent has expired. It takes some research, and if anyone tells you “it looks like it may have expired,” run. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Here are some ways to help you determine if it’s “still alive.” Look at the front page – If […]

On the Wrong Side of the Patent Law

Patents are there to protect innovations and inventions so that the person or the company holding the patent has exclusive rights to enjoy the profits. In broader terms, we need to understand that there is “Intellectual Property” (IP) which refers to any creation of the mind and it can be tangible or intangible in form.  […]

What’s new from SCOTUS

In the past few years, the Supreme Court of the United States has been addressing the basic fundamentals of patent law, something many patent attorneys have welcomed. During this time, they have dealt with and further defined case law that was used by the so-called “patent trolls” to abuse the system and win large judgments […]

Judge Randall Rader Resigns From Federal Circuit

Chief Judge Randall Rader Resigns as Chief but will remain on the Federal Circuit.

Widerman Malek, PL Partner Speaks to Small Business Owners

Mark Malek, Managing Partner of Widerman Malek, PL, presented a lecture on patent law to a group of small business owners on Tuesday April 1, 2014 in Cape Canaveral Florida.  The presentation was made at a Small Business Conference organized by the Florida 8(a) Alliance. Topics of the presentation included a general overview of patent […]

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