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The Cry for Patent Reform and Death to Patent Trolls: States Unite to Answer

If you spend any amount of time looking into cases brought before courts on various levels for intellectual property rights infringements, you will find yourself swimming in a host of well-known names.  Patent trolls, aka: NPE’s or Non-Practicing Entities, have found a niche in the innovative system that is crying for reform.  They lie in […]

Patent Trolls and Intellectual Property Laws

Are you an inventor? Do you create beautiful paintings or take wonderful pictures? What about an author, are you writing a book? Opening a new business? If you can say yes to any of these questions, you have an interest in Intellectual Property laws. Have you looked into these? As with any law, there are […]

On the Lookout for Patent Trolls

There is a very real fear out there about someone filing an Intellectual Property (IP) theft suit against you for your original idea. Creators are holding their patents close to their hearts so that others will not lay claim to them. It is only when IP is protected that it can be productive and be […]

Will SCOTUS finally stop patent trolls?

In a new case lined up before the Supreme Court, an Australian company called Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd demanded payment from CLS Bank International, claiming that CLS is using technology patented by the Alice Corporation when engaging in foreign financial exchange. At the heart of the debate is whether the patents held by Alice Corporation […]

When Just the Right Word is Needed

In February, 2014, the Supreme Court addressed an issue relating to the number of abusive lawsuits presented by patent trolls.  Patent trolls are those who purchase patents not to make use of them, but to find instances where they can file suit.  They “troll” around looking for new technologies or new products in the hopes […]

Patent Trolls Toll – Troll Litigation on the Rise

By Daniel Davidson Move over percentages of marriages that end in a divorce, there is a new percentage in town.  According to a new study of patent litigation released by a Colleen Chien, an assistant professor of law at Santa Clara University, approximately 61 percent (as of December 1, 2012) of U.S. patent lawsuits were […]

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