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Michigan Drivers Must Be Careful When Around School Buses

As schools are about to start for students in Michigan, it’s important to remember local school laws and how drivers are supposed to behave around buses in the area. There was an older law that made it possible for drivers to pass school buses at intersections when they were pulled over in some instances. That […]

The Georgia Naked Man Civil Suit

Anthony Hill was fatally shot on March 9 earlier this year by a Dekalb county police officer, Robert Olsen in his suburban apartment complex outside of Atlanta.  The case review was just conducted on Thursday, October 22.  The mother of the deceased is optimistic that Olsen will be indicted on the charges. Officer Olsen has […]

Using Civil Law Resources to Avoid Noisy Neighbors

In a residential neighborhood, there are certain laws that are in place to keep the neighborhood safe and quiet for all to enjoy. Even though there may be children playing during the day or dogs barking, at night there are rules to follow that will keep noise to a minimum. In many areas if these […]

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