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Cyber Espionage and Global Intellectual Property Wars

We are facing a new era.  One in which everyone on earth is involved in some way or another.  Do you know anyone who has not been a victim of some form of cyber espionage?  We can all probably identify one area of our online lives that has been hacked even if it is as […]

The Hype-Wipe trademark lawsuit

Companies and individuals who invent a product or brand are understandably protective of their invention. To see how far a company will go to protect its brand name is evident in a trademark lawsuit from June of 2014.  It involves an innovative 12 year old and a dirty cell phone screen. While most 12 year […]

Business Lawyers are Vital to All Businesses

It is often said that all successful businesses start from a unique idea; however, it is also important to point out that in order to turn that idea into a viable business there has to be a robust support system at work. Business lawyers are a big part of this process so that the people […]

The Left Shark Phenomenon

Can you trademark a costume containing an uncoordinated dancer? This is a question that has been in the news recently thanks to Katy Perry. The performer attempted to file a registration request to trademark the image of a rather uncoordinated shark. Her legal team went so far as to file claims of copyright violations against […]

Why Are Trademarks Fundamental To A Business?

A trademark is an established or legally registered word, symbol or phrase that a business uses to represent a product or service. These labels, emblems, logos, brand names, or tags constantly influence people’s buying decisions. Therefore, they are an important part of effective commerce. Trademarks make it easy for consumers to recognize and identify a […]

Intellectual Property Laws and Musicians

Musicians can slog away for months in order to write a good song and then compose the music for it. It is indeed an incredibly emotionally draining exercise that can hardly be comprehended by anyone who has never worked in that industry and considering the competition for being at the top of the charts, one […]

Intellectual Property and Writers

Have you ever seen the best-selling works of famous authors finding their way on to the internet? Surely you have seen such copies and while it is great for a reader to devour a book without paying anything for it, it is the author who ends up losing substantially on his royalty payments. If the […]

A War of Words

Legal disputes over intellectual property can get pretty dicey; particularly when one of the parties has made boatloads of money with the product in question. Take The Da Vinci Code case for instance, officially known as Baigent & Leigh v Random House Group Ltd. In 2003, bestselling author Dan Brown penned The Da Vinci Code. […]

Music and copyright infringements

I love listening to music. I often come across a song that strikes a chord with me and just gets stuck in my head. You become so familiar with the melody you can pick the song out from just hearing a few notes. It’s just this phenomenon that has gotten some songwriters in a bit […]

Protecting trademarks on social media

Social media is an excellent way to present your brand to new and existing customers. Much of commerce takes place online, and social media allows you to effectively market goods and services affordably. As others share your posts and products, new customers see your brand. Like much of the Internet, however, it is difficult to […]

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