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Case Brief: CLS Bank v. Alice

Nothing conjures memories of law school like writing a case brief (with the possible exception of an emergency root canal).  Nonetheless, the judicial bar fight that is the Federal Circuit en banc decision in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp inspires me to dust off my case briefing skills, starting with Judge Lourie’s plurality concurrence as joined by Judges Dyk, […]

Software Patents? (Part Deux)

In my last post, I offered insights into one of the world’s two dominant schools of thought governing software patents:  the United States model.  This week, we take on Europe.  Here goes … Software Patents:  European Model The European Patent Office (EPO) approach to software patents differs from that of the USPTO in that it […]

Software Patents: Yes or No?

If you are a software developer, you may be frustrated that you cannot seem to get a straight answer on whether your software-related invention is patent eligible in the United States, much less abroad.  Well, you aren’t going to get that straight answer from me, either!  But at least I will try to give you […]

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