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What determines the value of a wrongful death verdict?

Once a verdict has been found finding someone responsible for a wrongful death, there needs to be an amount of money determined to be awarded to the family.  Have you ever wondered just how this sum is determined?  Is there a formula that judges use to calculate that amount?  It turns out there are 8 […]

Truck Accidents and the Costs Associated with Them

Over the last few years the emergency room has changed a lot of their policies. They have also increased the cost of a visit to over 40 percent of what a normal month’s rent would be. Each year there are millions of emergency room visits and almost half of these visits result in admissions into […]

The Need for Cyber Security

It is true and very much happening that many foreign and domestic companies attempt to illegally acquire your company’s intellectual property (IP) and copyright details. Many unknown companies that seek to develop their economic conditions target high profit giant companies in the United States. Protecting your systems and networks can make your company successful and […]

Louis Vuitton Sues for Trademark Infringement

Near the beginning of the film The Hangover: Part II, the four friends are walking through the Los Angeles International Airport on their way to board a flight to Thailand for Stu’s bachelor party. Alan, Mr. Socially Awkward, is carrying an over-   the-shoulder bag appearing to be a pricey and lavish Louis Vuitton. While waiting […]

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