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Hackers Breach Voting System

With voting season just around the corner, trouble seems to be lurking in the air. The FBI is investigating individuals who have attempted to hack into the voter registration system in not 1, but over a dozen states. With the right software, hacking can be surprisingly easy; so easy in fact, that the culprits haven’t […]

1 Click and a lawsuit

The digital world we live in has made many things complicated.  With the internet, the whole world is connected.  Technology is moving at such a fast pace it is often difficult to determine who came up with what idea first.  This is why trademark and copyright laws have become so important.  Even the most seemingly […]

What Does the Future Hold for Software Patents?

As technology continues on the fast track, what was once a novel and innovative idea will become commonplace and taken for granted just like the cell phone and air conditioning.  It poses quite the threat to intellectual property rights when you stop long enough to think about it. Eolas Eolas is the name of the […]

Possible Patent Infringement?

Have you ever invented something? If you have you might know what a patent is already. If you don’t already know hopefully your idea wasn’t stolen from you, or maybe you just haven’t had a chance to create the next big thing. Big companies in all sorts of sectors come up with big things. A […]

Patent Is as Patent Does

In 1999, a patent was granted to the popular online business Amazon for their 1-Click technology. This is also called one-click buying. More than likely you’ve seen it and used it. This particular process lets you purchase items online with a single click of your mouse. There’s no need to enter your shipping and billing […]

Why Did Samsung Trademark “Galaxy Card”

On January 15th, Samsung trademarked the name “Galaxy Card”. But for what? Some are speculating that Samsung is looking to get into the Mobile Payment game, much like Google and other enterprising technologists have done. Innovating in other areas and trying to be more competitive with Google and Apple, Samsung has recently released a “wearable” […]

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