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The Reasons Fashion is Hard to Trademark

Expensive designers that sell their clothing for thousands of dollars for one item are not very affordable to the masses, so how do people that cannot afford those prices wear clothing that looks like a million bucks? Or how does the average consumer dress just like their favorite celebrity when they cannot afford those hefty […]

Do You Need An Attorney for Trademark Application?

Filing an application for a Trademark begins a legal proceeding.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provide an attorney as part of the process.  However, you are not required to use the attorney provided.  You are legally allowed to provide your own for the process.  Here are a few considerations before you decide […]

Do the Redskins Have to Change Their Name? NO!

A Federal Judge ordered cancellation of the Washington Redskins federal trademarks. That is not the end of it. This does not mean they have to stop using the name.

What Are The Differences Between Copyrights, Trademarks And Patents.

Recently I learned that Intellectual Property is something that is created in the mind of an individual. I’ve learned that there are ways to protect these creations with trademarks, copyrights and patents. But as I looked at these three ways to protect an idea, I realized I didn’t have a clue as to what the […]

The Feds Win!

The Voice of America was created in 1942.  It became famous during World War II when radio emcees would broadcast news, songs, updates and even propaganda to US and Allied citizens, and also to listeners in “enemy territory” who could pick up the broadcast signal.  By the end of World War II, they provided content […]

Hints and tricks to help you register your first trademark

You’ve got a great idea on a new product or service and you know exactly what you want to name it.  Because you’re sure this will be your name, you might think that one of the first things you do is to register the trademark. But in reality, rushing to be first might not always […]

Patent and Trademark Office Closed on March 3, 2014

USPTO Closed on March 3, 2014 due to weather.

Are there any company names still left that aren’t trademarked?

Let’s say tomorrow I produce an amazing product (a honey that doesn’t stick, a soda that never fizzles, thread that easily goes through a needle) and I am ready to take this creation to market. Now, what do I call it? Something catchy of course. As I sit down with my friends and brainstorm names, […]

Why Did Samsung Trademark “Galaxy Card”

On January 15th, Samsung trademarked the name “Galaxy Card”. But for what? Some are speculating that Samsung is looking to get into the Mobile Payment game, much like Google and other enterprising technologists have done. Innovating in other areas and trying to be more competitive with Google and Apple, Samsung has recently released a “wearable” […]

Mayor Rob Ford Offers His Head For Sale

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tries to salvage his negative image with his constituents by selling “RobbieBobbie” bobbleheads for charity. Just a week after confessing he smoked crack cocaine while in one of his drunken stupors, he is rallying back with this latest publicity effort. One thousand bobbleheads bearing the Mayor’s likeness went up for sale […]

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