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Trademark Infringement Litigation in Florida

Did you know that states have trademark infringement laws as well as the Federal government? If you’ve obtained a federal trademark, you can file an infringement suit under federal laws, but don’t forget your state’s laws as well. Although states offer some level of protection, federal protection of trademarks is more extensive. The first step […]

Is Virgin Olive Oil a Thing of the Past?

If Richard Branson has his way, it might be.  Mr. Branson, the tremendously successful entrepreneur and chairman and founder of the Virgin Group has instituted a policy whereby the company’s lawyers aggressively target any company that uses the name Virgin in its own name, its marketing materials or within its URL. The Virgin group has […]

The Truth Behind the Security of Patent Protected Intellectual Properties

Creativity has to be encouraged and rewarded, but in today’s world, the intellectuals find that they do not reap the benefits of their hard work even if they have taken a patent for their brainchild. The minute an award-winning idea is displayed on a website and it starts bringing in the target traffic and revenue, […]

Cadbury Losing Trademark Battle

Just last week a British court ruled against the trademark of one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands, Cadbury (originally Cadbury’s). Established in 1824 as a grocer’s shop in Birmingham, England by John Cadbury, it was not always all about the chocolate. The business expanded many times over the years but found itself struggling. […]

Efficient, Transparent, Protection: China’s New Trademark Law

Recently China has been in the news again with their adoption of a revised Trademark Law. In discussion for almost ten years, the new law was passed on August 30th and marks the third time the original 1982 law had been amended. It will officially take effect on May 1st of next year and features […]

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