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Trademark Needed to Terminate More Tragedy

The shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary took many lives on December 14, 2012. The family of one of the victims is still trying to protect one of those lost lives. 27-year-old teacher Victoria Soto was killed trying to shield her first grade students at the Newtown, Connecticut school. The grief for Soto’s family has […]

Strange but True Trademark

Trademarks are very important to have protected properly and legally. If you have been creative to come up with something that is unique and worthy of a trademark, then you deserve to have the exclusivity that goes along with that. Many people have come up with names, symbols, and other things that could easily be […]

Bentley Wins Trademark Infringement Lawsuit against St. Petersburg, FL Car Kit Owner

Who doesn’t want to drive a luxury Bentley automobile? A car good enough to drive around the Queen of England, is certainly a car that is highly desired. But alas, the average American cannot afford the $200,000 price tag that comes with purchasing a Bentley. This is exactly why people jumped at the chance to […]

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