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Paul J. Ditmyer Joins Widerman Malek, PL

Widerman Malek, PL is pleased to announce that Paul J. Ditmyer has joined the firm as a Patent Attorney. Mr. Ditmyer, a member of the Florida bar, graduated from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio with a degree in engineering and then graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Columbus School of Law at the […]

What are Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRC)?

The UN to be the Knight in Shining Armor for Rights on the Internet

We, as humans, have a lot of creative freedom and a right to express what we think, online or offline. However, when it comes to online expressions, there are limitations and virtually any creative work can be stolen easily by fellow Internet users.  In today’s global scenario, it has become next to impossible for  individuals, […]

Traps to Avoid When Negotiating Royalties

Royalties are a wonderful way for inventors to collect payment for the use of their inventions. Any time a song is played on the radio the song composer receives a royalty for their work. Any time an artist’s drawing is replicated the artist receives a royalty and any time an author’s published work is reprinted, […]

Trademark Lawsuit “With Friends”

There is “Words With Friends”, “Scramble With Friends”, and now “Bang With Friends”? One of these is not like the others. Sure all are internet applications (apps) that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, but only two are created by the popular gaming company Zynga. The third, “Bang With Friends” or BWF, is […]

Where Good Ideas Come From

Where Good Ideas Come From

This is a great video that outlines where good ideas come from. This is an advertisement for the book by Steve Johnson. A great video to really help inventors getting started, and to help people running a business do so more efficiently.

March Madness and Other NCAA Trademarks

By: Mark R. Malek So the big tournament starts tonight – that’s right, we are starting with 64 teams and the team that goes through the tournament undefeated brings home the big trophy.  Half the fun is looking for that Cinderella team that upsets a few teams on the way, maybe even makes it to […]

On Thanksgiving…

In the spirit of the holiday, below are a few trademark registrations to be thankful for on Thanksgiving! (click on the mark for more info from the USPTO website) HAPPY THANKSGIVING: for toys, games and playthings, namely, dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE: for entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting a parade

Trade Dress Your Product

In 1916, a glass bottle manufacturing company in Terre Haute, Indiana won a bottle design contest.  Their contour shaped bottle is today recognized worldwide by billions of consumers and is one of the most recognizable examples of trade dress protection.   The glass bottle company was The Root Glass Company.  The bottle they designed was for […]

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