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Online Taxes

Fifteen years ago no one could have imagined that shopping online would have become more popular than going to the local mall.  Now people can sit in the comfort of their home, dressed however they want, no makeup, no adhering to store hours and shop to their heart’s content.  And for a time, taxes for […]

Copyright laws and digital locks

For many years, when someone purchased a movie or a song from an Internet site, it would download and it would become “owned” by the device owner.  It could be moved to another device or even copied multiple times.  The artist would get his share of the royalties from the original sale and we’d all […]

Is it Age Discrimination or Simply Lack of Talent?

Is it Age Discrimination or Simply Lack of Talent?

Texan Huong “Junie” Hoang recently sued IMDb for revealing her true age on their site. She claimed they breached their contract by using credit information and third party verification services to uncover her real age for its website under the actress’ profile section. Hoang who is 42 years old, purposely left her age off her profile description because she believes Hollywood casting agents would use her age against her. According to the Screen Actors Guild, who supported Ms. Hoang’s cause, “An actor’s actual age is irrelevant to…..

Intellectual Property and Pinterest

Pinterest, the latest thing in social networking sites, could potentially pose major legal problems for individuals or businesses using this service. With the tremendous growth Pinterest has seen since its inception in 2010 (as of February 2013 the site had over 48 million users), it is just a matter of time before some companies may […]

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