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Do I Need to Copyright My Website?

Most websites have a copyright notice in the footer, which is placed there as a normal practice by website designers. It let’s the world know that the owner of the website has done their due diligence in protecting their content. But what exactly does it mean and what protection does it provide? What is a […]

Is it Age Discrimination or Simply Lack of Talent?

Is it Age Discrimination or Simply Lack of Talent?

Texan Huong “Junie” Hoang recently sued IMDb for revealing her true age on their site. She claimed they breached their contract by using credit information and third party verification services to uncover her real age for its website under the actress’ profile section. Hoang who is 42 years old, purposely left her age off her profile description because she believes Hollywood casting agents would use her age against her. According to the Screen Actors Guild, who supported Ms. Hoang’s cause, “An actor’s actual age is irrelevant to…..

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