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Top Six Questions about Wills

Talking about wills can be an uncomfortable conversation. Not only is it difficult to discuss life’s uncertainties, but there are often more questions than answers when dealing with this subject. These five questions will help get you on the right path to understanding your will. Do I Need A Will? Yes. If you don’t have […]

Unusual last wills

To leave your surviving spouse the house and all the money in the bank accounts seems like a very normal thing.  Perhaps you might leave a small percent to a charity or church.  Maybe you want your favorite granddaughter to have your wedding ring set to remember you by.  Again, all normal bequests to have […]

Can you contest a legal will?

Here’s the scenario.  Your father remarried after your mother passed away.  His new wife has two children from a previous marriage.  It appears she discourages your father from maintaining a relationship with you and your siblings, but is encouraging him to interact with her children.  Something just seems unusual about his behavior.  You feel your […]

Living Wills, Power of Attorney, and other Directives

When a person is losing their health or increasing in age to the point where they are no longer able to take care of themselves, there are people who are appointed to help take care of them. This time of need is not an easy time for anyone and many people choose to live as […]

Why do I need a will?

A will has three main purposes. 1)         Establish a plan for distribution upon your death To document your wishes for how you would like your assets distributed upon your death.  The simplest and most common distribution is what we commonly refer to as an “I Love You Will”.   I give everything to my spouse and […]

Executors, Who Can Be One and What Do They Do?

When you create a living will, last will and testament, or any type of will that involves assigning assets or specifics to family members, it can become difficult to elect an individual to carry out the instructions of your will. It can become a great honor to be named someone’s executor, but it can also […]

What to Include in Your Last Will and Testament

The last chance that you have to make sure that everything you want to happen after you pass away does happen. You cannot make any changes to it because once it is in effect, you will be dead. It is a very important matter. When completing your last will and testament you should take it […]

Can I disinherit someone?

In Florida and many states (if not all states), the short answer is you can absolutely disinherit someone . . . mostly.  There’s a catch or two though.  You can disinherit anyone to a certain degree.  The problem is that statutes sometimes allow certain heirs the ability to take an elective share of the elective estate […]

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