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Maurice A. Ramirez, D.O., Ph.D., Lake Wales, FL


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job that you did for me in our foreclosure case. You were the complete professional in my handling of our case. You kept me informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish. You also have an amazing team, they are a huge asset to your practice and your clients.

Returning from deployment to Haiti to learn that my wife (now ex-wife) had spent our home into foreclosure made for a stressful time.  What I would go through in the ensuing two years was made so much easier with all of your guidance through the process. With your help, I learned that I was not alone in having my home mortgage bundled, duel tracked and foreclosure filed all while I was paying the past due balance and applying for HARP refinancing.

Although you did not represent me in my divorce, you made it possible for me to “fire and forget” with regards to the foreclosure. Thanks to you, I was able to focus on child custody and all the other issues in family court. My ex-wife was shocked when you succeeded in having the foreclosure dismissed. She hated even more when you helped me short sell it.

Thank you so much for your help and for saving my home. You handled everything with dignity and compassion, just what people need in stressful situations.

With Eternal Gratitude,

Maurice A. Ramirez, D.O., Ph.D., Lake Wales, FL

Senior Physician/Federal Medical Officer (retired)