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The Biggest ever Lawsuit has Just Been Filed

lawsuitThe legality of things and legal proceedings is often a big source of stress no matter what side of the legal argument you are on. Legal proceedings are nothing to be taken lightly and can affect a person, persons, or companies for the rest of their existence. People are always making jokes about lawyers, but they often don’t stop to consider the amount of stress they work under to get their clients the results they desired by hiring them. There is a high monetary award in the profession, but if often comes with a high price of many hours researching legal precedent, making phone calls, negotiating, and the many other things that go along with this sometimes rigorous job. Just this once, lawyers finally get to laugh at someone else for a change.

We all need a lighthearted moment once in a while so I have decided to write about a the news that the world’s biggest lawsuit has just been filed in New York City as a result of a supposed rabid dog bite. The lawsuit by the 62 year old Mr. Anton Purisma claims the City of New York, K-Mart, Au Bon Pain and of course the owner of the rabid dog as defendants. He hand wrote the suit himself and will also represent himself in court.

How much is Mr. Purisma seeking in damages, how about the whopping amount of two undecillion dollars, yes you heard that right, which is the number 2 followed by thirty six zero’s. That is actually more money than there is in the whole world, not even China has that much money to give him. I think Mr. Purisma just showed us the definition of frivolous as applied to lawsuits; it will be very hard to top that one.

Among the evidence he submitted with the documentation was a picture of his bandaged middle finger extended up in the air and it maybe will be the exact same response he will get from a New York City judge when he shows up in court.

Mr. Purisma is now a seasoned veteran at lawsuits in the courts as this will be the third one he has filed in the last four years. He has previously sued JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and the People’s Republic of China. This will undoubtedly be his last lawsuit if he wins because there will be no money left in the world for him to sue for. The rest of us will just have to sit back and watch how this one turns out.

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