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The FAA Registration Regulations for Drones

Flying drone above the wheat fieldSmall unmanned aircraft have come a long way since they were first released. This is something that you have to consider when the time comes. If you’re considering a drone, there are registration regulations that have to be adhered to, depending on the type of drone that you have. Two important announcements coming from the FAA have come about due to this type of aircraft and what can be expected from it.

What the Registration Regulations State

The registration regulations state that the individual that is a private party needs to ensure that the aircraft is registered prior to flying it in residential areas. This is due to the intrusive properties that the aircraft has when it is being flown. Not only that, but it can interfere with numerous applications and items that are also in the skies above.

It is encouraged that all those that are private must go through the registration process to ensure that the government, and other city and state officials understand where each of these unmanned aircraft based items are located. When these aircrafts become within the range of the transmitters in the area, this can cause disturbances with the aircraft, larger ones, that are flying through the air and need to contact the control towers around them.

Safety and Your Aircraft

Though small, these aircraft are unmanned, and can cause disturbances, even the slightest ones, that can cause pilots a lot of downsides. Due to this, this can cause further issues later on down the road. In order for everyone to remain safe while using these aircraft, and to follow the rules that come with registering and flying their aircraft.

While drones are fun as toys, some of the larger, more advanced ones need to be backed up and have a record of where they are, where they fly and their numbers. Those that are asking for these registrations are with the Unmanned Aircraft System Registration Task Force Department.

Not complying with these regulations can cause further havoc on the government and other based systems that need to comply with specific rules in order to safely navigate the skies above. Failure to comply with them, according to the type, make and model of the drone that you have, can come with fines and even jail time when it is not completely done correctly. Consider this when you go to purchase a drone and obtain the best services possible.


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