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The Future is Changing for IP Laws in the UK

London Tower BridgeThe future is bright for so many, but with the constantly changing world that we live in, IP laws have to adapt to these changes. This doesn’t go without saying that some other laws could follow, but IP laws are quickly becoming obsolete in such a high technology driven world. The UK is currently finding ways to battle this change, and make the laws a bit more sustainable for those companies and individuals that use IP law on a regular basis.

The Previous Process of IP Law

Before, there was a long process that involved filing for a patent law throughout the country. This process involved many different people and would take too much time. By the time the patent would be finalized, the applicant would have had a new system out, or someone else might have come up with the same thing. This can be detrimental to the creative process, which can cause many people a lot of hardships, since the patent process can be a long, costly one.

This meant that many inventors or companies out there that were too small usually never went to obtain a patent, since the process was so drawn out and expensive, that they didn’t have the time or money to put down on it.

The New IP Law Process That Can Be Expected

Now, the country is streamlining the process to make it easier for everyone to get through it. This can be a beneficial factor for those out there, especially those that are passing a technological product to the market. Without a faster process, the technology that is used within the product could become obsolete within a matter of a year, which means that something new would have to be made to replace the product.

With this new process, it is expected that more advancements can be made throughout the field, with minimal wait time. Though the prices might be staggering currently, the new process is hoping to slim down some of the costs associated with it.

As of right now, they’re working to pass the laws. This has not gotten through as of yet, but they’re counting on having it passed within the next year, so that those searching for a patent, trademark or other IP law related issue are able to do so within a timely fashion, without having to wait for years to have something like this done.

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