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U.S. Drone Policy May Violate International Law

DroneEven though President Obama has put through an executive order regarding the drones, there are still many issues that arise when it comes to using them throughout specific areas of the country, as well as other countries. Being used in many of the war zones, and clean up relief areas, drones are still under scrutiny for everything that they’re being used for or should be used for.

The Details

The White House was the one that announced the new plans on how the US is going to use drones for their strikes against terrorists on the first of July. Even though in 2013, Obama stated that there would be better US drone policies put in place, as well as a stronger safeguard against all civilians that are found to be in the area.

The new policy that was brought up by the senate covers some of the changes that were promised, but it does not cover them all. This is what the problem is for many people.

Since 2001, drones have been used continuously for targeted killings throughout other countries. Obama expanded this program and used it to its advantage, since less soldiers would have to go through the process of doing something like this. Around 10 times more drone strikes have occurred under Obama’s watch than other presidents. However, this was done to ensure that less soldiers were used in the process.

The use of drones outside of conflict zones has been controversial for years now, and considering the policy has not changed in some time, they had to go through the many different implications to find out if they heeded to change something to ensure that it was up to date with everything that they were saying and doing. Even though, the number of casualties and strikes done by these drones was kept secret, it was still a largely debated issue.

The new policies are looking towards changing a few things, namely adding transparency and safeguards against all civilians that are in the area. This is to reduce the risk of casualties to these civilians, while also providing payments and restitution to the families of those affected by the drone strikes. There also needs to be an annual report released regarding the strikes and casualties that occur due to the drones that are sent to these areas. These are mostly for those non-combat zones that happen in these areas.

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