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What Do I Need to Know Before Using a Drone in My Business?

small business ownerDrones can be excellent tools for many businesses, they can be cost efficient and time saving ways to expand or enhance services a company can offer. Before using a drone for business purposes, it is important to be familiar with FAA regulations for drones. In general, businesses may lawfully operate drones under a 333 exemption or in compliance with part 107. A licensed aircraft pilot is required to operate the drone under the 333 exemption, while part 107 only requires a remote pilot in command to operate the drone. Depending upon how the drone will be utilized, part 107 is often a good option.

In addition to FAA compliance, a drone operator should ensure they have appropriate liability coverage in place. While many general insurance policies exclude coverage for drone operation, it is often a straightforward process to obtain additional coverage for drone activities.

Finally, the use of drones in your business will likely require developing a new or modified set of forms, contracts, and checklists. These documents may create policies to ensure safe, FAA compliant operation of the drone.

For more information on how to safely incorporate drones into your business, please contact me at 321-255-2332 or

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