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What Does the FAA Require Before I can use a Drone in My Business?

drone on campusIn the summer of 2017, the FAA based new rules making the use of drones for commercial purposes more accessible than ever before. To be clear, if you are using a drone for anything other than your own personal enjoyment, you are likely using a drone for a commercial purpose and these FAA regulations apply, even if you are not charging for the drone services.
To be in compliance with FAA regulations, and avoid fines, you must register the drone with the FAA, obtain a part 107 remote pilot in command license, and operate the drone in compliance with all applicable regulations. We strongly recommend that all businesses using drones have policies and procedures in place that ensure all drones are operated within FAA regulations as these efforts may help to protect the business from liability in the event that an accident or violation does occur.

For more information or assistance in reviewing or drafting your company’s drone policies, send an email to Kelly Swartz at or call (321)255-233.

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