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What is a Patent?

patentHow many times have you come across inventors who have been ripped off because they did not obtain a patent for their inventions? Quite often isn’t it? Even if you do not specifically know someone, hop online and do a quick search. Chances are you will find hundreds of stories of people claiming that they were ripped off. This is the reason why it is recommended by all intellectual law professionals that every invention, no matter how small should be patented at the earliest available opportunity. A patent can go a long way in making sure that the interests of the inventor is protected in every way. Anyone who thinks that he might be on to something should consult an intellectual law attorney in order to have a clear idea on how to go about protecting his work product.

The problem with the patent law is that not everyone that considers themselves an “inventor” and comes up with discoveries that they think are revolutionary and might have genuine commercial value will be eligible for the patent. There are certain conditions that the invention needs to fulfil before it can be considered worthy of a patent; in order to ascertain that a patent is deserved, the inventor needs to get in touch with a well-known intellectual law attorney so that there is no doubt regarding the prospects of the invention.

An intellectual property attorney can analyze the invention and tell you exactly how to go about the business of securing the patent to protect your investment. A few of the basic requirements include: the invention has to be new and completely unknown to anyone on Earth (this sounds quite simple, but it gets a bit more complex the deeper you dig); it needs to be proven beyond doubt that the invention is actually better than the existing products and services that serve a similar purpose (for instance, a cordless phone was an improved version of a wired phone); and last but not the least, the patent office will also judge whether the invention can be sent out for industrial use and if it can be used by organizations that produce in bulk.

The strict requirements of the patent law make it essential for anyone to hire an intellectual property attorney to ensure that all bases are covered. The paperwork, arguments, and processes are indeed in depth and require the services of a professional to ensure that they are done right.