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What to Do About Your Foreclosure



So you lost your job? Welcome to the club. That puts you in the same boat with most of the people we know. Through no fault of your own the economy tanked and so did the company you work for.

So now you can’t make your house payments because you couldn’t find another job? Again, welcome to the club.

So you just stopped making the payments, waiting for someone to come and kick you out? A lot of people have done the same thing. And because of the massive numbers of people and homes in foreclosure, sometimes it takes the banks and courts a long time to get to you. You might live in your house for two or three years in some cases. But one day they will get to you. Doing nothing is not the smart way to go. Hire a lawyer and see if there is anything you can do to stay in your home.

What can he possibly do? I haven’t made any payments? First, stop looking at it that way. Do you know how many banks took bail out money from the government? And do you know how much they took?

Do you know where the government gets the money to bail out banks and whoever else? They get it out of yours and my pockets. So in actuality, you did make at least some of the payments. So did I and so did your neighbors. The real crime is banks were not required to forgive one nickel of consumer debt when they took OUR money. So you have every right to fight them to stay in your home as long as you can, maybe even permanently.

The worst thing you can do is wait too late to hire your lawyer. Waiting too long can be the difference in the judge granting your lawyer’s request or saying “snooze, you lose”.

You need to defense yourself and you need to do it quickly. Asking your attorney to come in and save the day in the last few days before the house is to be auctioned off is like asking your back-up quarterback to come in and win the game in the last two minutes when you are down 35-0. Don’t make that mistake.

There are laws and procedures that must be followed in any legal action. This includes a foreclosure. If the bank made any kind of clerical error, you won’t catch it. It is not up to the judge to catch it either. The judge is supposed to be neutral. Your attorney however, is trained to catch it. But he cannot do anything if you haven’t hired him yet. So do not put off hiring an attorney. Timing could make all the difference.