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What Widerman Malek is doing during the COVID-19 crisis

Greetings to all of our clients and colleagues:

In this strange and difficult time, Widerman Malek is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees and anyone with whom we have been in contact.

We are available to you regardless of whether COVID-19 makes it necessary to close our physical offices. Our firm has invested significant resources into our technology over the years. This allows our attorneys and professional staff to work remotely and have ready access to our clients’ files.

At this point, we have taken the following steps to ensure safety:

  • The lawyers and staff with children or who may be a care giver to a loved one will work from home.  All other firm members will work normal hours in our offices.
  • If you need to meet with us, we are available to you, but we prefer the meeting be held by telephone or video conference instead of in-person. The firm has video conferencing capabilities and is happy to set up a video conference for you in lieu of a personal meeting.
  • Our lawyers will be restricting business travel to only unavoidable travel. We are monitoring the personal travel of all our employees, as well as their attendance at any gathering of over 50 people, and based on that information, the firm may require remote working.
  • We will appear by telephone for court hearings, whenever possible.
  • If our opposing counsel need a reasonable extension of time, call us.  We will do whatever we can to work with you.

Even if our physical offices close at some point, please call us as you normally would as we will have the reception staff answering calls and directing them appropriately. We will still be able to conduct video conferences remotely as necessary.

Please know the health and safety of our employees, clients and colleagues is our first priority.  We will take whatever measures necessary to minimize the impact that the Coronavirus has on our office.  Like most companies, we have advised our firm to implement social distancing and other personal hygiene initiatives.

If you have any questions or comments, or if we can do anything to help you, please call us.

Best wishes for you and your families’ health.

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