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Why Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Worried caucasian business man in handcuffsInnocent until proven guilty isn’t enough when faced with criminal charges.  The prosecution is gathering any evidence they can to prove guilt.  Without an adequate defense to protect your constitutional rights, proving guilt won’t be as difficult as it should be.  Never trust the prosecution to prove your innocence.

Benefits to Hiring a Defense Attorney

The legal system is a complex and often intimidating maze of legal requirements, deadlines and rights.  Without a criminal defense attorney who knows each vein, you could be sitting in jail needlessly.  You could also lose your case even though you are innocent by not knowing what your rights are and how to defend them.  Here are some of the most common reasons why hiring a defense attorney is absolutely in your best interests; guilty or not.

–          Motion to have your bail reduced

–          Experience approaching the best plea bargain route

–          Confidence before a jury should your case reach trial

–          Thorough working knowledge and understanding of criminal law

–          Thorough working knowledge and understanding of your constitutional rights

–          Less time preparing your own case so you can continue to work

From Beginning to End

Your rights are properly defended when your case is under the guidance of a criminal defense attorney.  Do you know what your rights are?

–          You have the right to a trial by jury of your peers.

–          You have the right to proper due process of the law

–          You have the right to legal representation.

–          You have the right to a speedy trial.

–          You have the right to never testify against yourself.

–          You have the right to confront witnesses in your case.

Even knowing what they are is not enough to defend them in a judicial system that was never intended for personal representation.  There is also a lot of paperwork involved with certain codes that for the average working person, would be difficult to keep up with.  Even if that became your full time job, where would you begin?  Each state has their own code of law and each state is subject to federal law.  The codes may be similar but not always.

If you have ever had doubts about hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you before the court, think about this.  The court will provide one for you through the Public Defender’s office in the event you are unable to afford one.  It is that important.