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Why You Need a Patent Lawyer

Law scales, judge gavel on table. Symbol of justice.When you want to get your next great million selling idea patented, you need to hire a patent lawyer. The temptation may be to hire one of those companies you see advertising on late night TV that promises to market, patent and promote your idea. But beware, there is a reason these companies do not advertise in prime time. They promise a lot but deliver little.

In fact, most invention help companies end up with clients who spend more money with them than they end up making on their inventions. That is often true even with the more reputable ones. Then there are the ones out to scam the inventor. These are plentiful.

Hire a lawyer to assist with your invention. For one thing, there are many laws pertaining to inventions and patents. In 1999, the American Inventor’s Protection Act was put into effect, mostly to protect inventors from being scammed by the companies.

When an inventor needs to make sure he gets paid for his work, there are may legal documents that must be written and filed correctly to insure he/she is protected against others who may try to use legal documentation to basically steal the profits away. If it were your invention, would you not feel more comfortable with an attorney on your side?

When choosing a lawyer, be sure to get references, look at his/her clients, and choose one with a good reputation for looking out for his clients’ best interests. Hire one who isn’t afraid to tell a client his/her invention likely has no shot at making any money before charging them an exorbitant fee. Invention companies are more likely to tell the inventor what he wants to hear until they can cash in. More often than not, the inventor winds up spending thousands of dollars trying to market this invention, and getting nothing but rejection.

These invention companies will typically charge anywhere from $300-900 in fees before they do a thing. A reputable attorney will likely evaluate for free and give you an estimate before taking a dime. We will do a free consultation for you. Call us now. 877-868-7239 or 321-255-2332