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From a legal perspective, adoption creates a relationship between an adult and child where one did not previously exist. Adoption is the process of legally terminating the child’s legal or biological parents’ rights and granting parental rights, responsibilities, and custody of the child to the new adoptive parents.

Requirements for Adopting a Child in Florida

In Florida, adults who live and work in the state, possess good character, and have the ability to nurture a child may adopt. Typically, Florida Residents must comply with a home study which consists of:

  • Background check
  • Interview
  • Home inspection

Home studies are conducted by a licensed child-placing agency, a child-caring agency, a licensed professional, or another agency authorized under the Florida Statutes. The home study ensures that the adoptive parents are ready and able to provide a nurturing home for the child and that the child’s best interests will be adequately served.

In Florida, there are four types of adoption that exist, including:

  • Entity: agency or facilitated adoption
  • Stepparent
  • Close relative
  • Adult

Widerman Malek offers comprehensive legal services which allow us to counsel clients who believe adoption may be necessary for an individual and to assist clients who wish to contest an adoption appointment for themselves or others.

We represent clients in both open and closed adoptions. Our goal is to advocate for and protect those who may not be able to defend themselves.

If you have questions about adoption or need legal assistance, submit a form through our website or call us at 321-341-4872 to speak with an attorney. We look forward to helping you.

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