The attorneys at Widerman Malek, PL are experienced in the areas of Insurance Defense/Subrogation and the rules, regulations and statutes that govern causes of actions in these areas, specifically claims of negligence and breach of contract. We can help your company recover monies paid out for genuine claims and defend you against claims of negligence and breach of contract

You are a Florida Insurance company who provides policyholders with financial protection against certain types of loss, including automobile accidents, property damage to residential or commercial properties and certain types of personal injuries. You pay out millions of dollars each year on these types of claims, even though you or your insured is not at fault.

Under Florida law, there are instances wherein you can recover what you have paid out to your insured’s from the actual individual or individuals who caused the damage or the personal injury in the first place. Or, if your insured has filed a claim for damage to a residential or commercial property and that damage is not covered under the policy, you will need to be protected from public adjusters and Plaintiff’s firms whose only interest is to collect their fees.

We practice in both state court, federal court, and courts of appeal. Our clients know that they can contact us at any time and depend on us to be there to answer their legal questions, prosecute claims for them or defend actions against them.

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