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Several of our attorneys have prior experience handling subrogation claims for insurance companies and also representing insurance companies in defending insurance claims. However, our primary focus now is representing the insured’s in their claims against the insurance companies.

Too often an insured will have a valid claim under their policy of insurance, whether it is damage to their vehicle, their home or other covered property. And more often than not, these claims are routinely denied by the insurance company with a very weak explanation. Most insurance policies are written in such a way that they are difficult to determine what is covered, what is not covered, and which exclusion applies where. There is a reason why the policies are written this way: because insurance companies do not want to pay claims.

Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate your insurance policy, identify the provisions that apply to your specific claim and assist you in enforcement of your claim. Do not let the insurance companies mislead you or bully you into thinking your claim does not have merit or is not covered.

We practice in both state court, federal court, and courts of appeal, and are able to answer legal questions, prosecute claims for or defend actions for clients.

Contact us today to discuss your insurance matter at 321-255-2332.

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