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When there is a disagreement on how to resolve an issue, mediation provides a cost effective method for the parties to reach a resolution.

Often even the most complex disputes can be resolved by good faith discussions assisted by a neutral mediator. While a court will always order mediation before trial, many disputes can be resolved without filing suit through the use of an experienced mediator.

There are many benefits of mediation for both the parties and attorneys involved. The process of mediation provides parties with an affordable and timely resolution.  Mediation allows the parties to tailor a remedy that is sometimes not an option if the matter would be decided by a Judge or jury.  It also provides for greater confidentiality since the process is handled privately and outside of the court’s public domain. For attorneys, mediation can resolve cases quickly and provide an alternative for clients seeking to eliminate the growing cost and stress of ongoing litigation.

Mediation Attorney

Mark Warzecha is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator. He specializes in Intellectual Property and Business disputes, and is qualified and experienced to assist parties in working out their differences and reaching an amicable resolution.

If you are searching for a mediator in Brevard County and surrounding Central Florida, please contact us at 321-341-4872 to schedule a consultation today.

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