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Government Contracts

gov2As you can imagine there are many products and services used by government agencies.  Products can range from a large aircraft carrier to furniture in an office to nails to hang pictures on a wall.  Services could be cooked or caterers for events.  If you use something in your everyday life, it’s something the government uses too.

When you think of anything involving the government you probably think of something complicated.  We all have heard about the red tape involved in getting anything done in the government.   Have you ever wondered how complicated it would be to get a contract with the government?  You might be surprised at how uncomplicated it actually is!

When the government needs services or products, they put out a bid notice for those products or services.  There are several web sites that list all the current bids.  As you would expect, the specifications are exact and you must be precise in how you prepare your bid.  If the government is looking for a specific weight of cotton cloth, you must be putting that exact item in your bid.

The government is going to deal with businesses that are legal.  Make sure your company is legally registered and up to date on licenses.  You won’t even be considered if there is a question of your company’s authenticity.  You may think they only deal with large companies, but small companies have the exact same ability to win a contract.  As a matter of fact, government agencies like to award a percentage of the bids to small businesses.

State governments work the same way as the federal government when it comes to requesting bids for services and products.  Municipalities do too.  There is a fallacy that the low bid will always win the bid.  It is true that government agencies have to answer to the public.  Their spending is constantly reviewed and available for public scrutiny so something overpriced probably won’t be considered.  Those reviewing the bids will take into consideration the quality of the product and the reliability of the company involved.  So, you can win a bid without being the low bidder by having a superior product.

Of course, any dealing with any government agency you need to follow all the rules.  Do your homework and be precise in your bid submission.  Once you’ve established yourself with a government agency and have built a good rapport with them, you will likely be offered contracts on a regular basis.

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