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At Widerman Malek, our Private Client Services group is committed to providing a white-glove approach to serving high net-worth individuals, their families, C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, as well as other people with complicated tax and financial structures. We listen to our client’s individual needs, as each person is different. This allows us to assist our clients in reaching their unique goals, creating a strategic plan tailored to each person or family’s specific needs and objectives.

Our Private Client Services team assists in all aspects of income and wealth transfer taxes, trust drafting, executive compensation, asset protection, retirement, and life insurance planning.i  We are objective in our advice and pragmatic to ensure that the needs of our clients are met while working alongside our clients’ other trusted advisors. Our goal is to develop relationships that transcend generations. Through our affiliation with Primerus, we can service our clients on a national and global basis.

We provide a comprehensive tax and financial planning strategy to preserve your wealth for both current and future generations. This enables us to assist you in minimizing wealth transfer and income taxes, asset preservation, and identifying and implementing specific succession strategies for the transfer of personal and business interests to the individuals or entities that our clients desire whether that be family or a third party.

Private Client Services offerings include but are not limited to:

  1. Estate planning to accomplish your goals while minimizing the tax burden;
  2. Utilizing trusts to hold and protect assets for the next generation and as a tax-efficient vehicle to transfer wealth to the next generation;
  3. In the case of foreign assets, determining the optimum method for holding and transferring those assets;
  4. Preparation of all necessary tax returns;
  5. Expatriate and inpatriate services; and
  6. Assistance with tax controversy.

We provide entrepreneurs with advice on all areas of tax and estate planning including those individuals with significant or unique business assets. Some of our specific services include:

  1. Succession planning and asset preservation to multiple generations at a minimum tax cost;
  2. Advice on recapitalizations, gift programs and other techniques for shifting value from the owner-operator during their lifetime or separating control from value;
  3. Structuring life insurance ownership and benefit programs to minimize tax costs;
  4. Planning for liquidity in the event of an owner’s death;
  5. Assisting in a liquidity event in the case of a sale of the business; and
  6. Preparing buy/sell, restrictive stock and employment agreements.

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i NOTE: Widerman Malek, PL does not provide accounting, investment or insurance advice. Any accounting, investment or insurance advice is strictly ancillary to the practice of law. You should consult a licensed professional regarding any accounting, investment or insurance advice.

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