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Tax matters are inherently complex, characterized by nuanced laws and ever-evolving regulations. For individuals and businesses alike, staying updated on these changes while effectively managing tax issues can be daunting. That’s where the expertise of a seasoned tax attorney becomes invaluable. Our Widerman Malek tax team is dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of tax planning, providing comprehensive solutions to resolve your tax challenges and minimize legal risks effectively.

Widerman Malek’s tax attorneys have extensive experience in advising the owners and operators of small to middle-market companies about tax law matters, including entity selection and tax structuring. Through our membership with Primerus, we have access to nearly 200 member firms in more than 40 countries to assist with your domestic and international operations. Our approach to tax planning is driven by your business operations, not vice versa.

Personalized Tax Solutions

Our experienced tax attorneys provide strategic and personalized tax solutions for individuals and businesses, ensuring compliance, optimizing positions, and delivering tangible results.

Our Tax Law Services

The attorneys at Widerman Malek have experience handling a wide range of tax law issues, including:

  • Tax Planning: Every financial decision has a tax consequence. We help individuals and businesses develop proactive strategies to minimize tax liabilities while achieving their legal goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement, estate management, or business expansion, our attorneys provide personalized guidance to optimize your financial position. 
  • Tax Compliance: Staying compliant with ever-changing tax laws is crucial to avoiding penalties and legal issues. Our team ensures that your tax filings are accurate, timely, and in accordance with federal, state, and local tax laws. 
  • Tax Controversy, Disputes, and Litigation: In the event of a tax dispute with the IRS or state tax authorities, our experienced attorneys advocate on your behalf to resolve issues efficiently and favorably. We represent clients in audits, appeals, and tax court proceedings, striving to achieve the best possible outcomes. 
  • Tax-Efficient Business Structuring: Choosing the right business structure can significantly impact your tax liabilities and operational efficiency. We advise on entity selection, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations (even during litigation), and other strategic transactions to optimize tax outcomes for your business. 
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning: Effective estate planning can preserve your wealth for future generations while minimizing estate and gift tax liabilities. Our attorneys work closely with individuals and families to develop customized estate plans that achieve their wealth preservation and succession goals. 
  • International Taxation: With globalization, cross-border transactions and international tax obligations have become increasingly complex. Our attorneys provide comprehensive guidance on international tax planning, compliance, and reporting requirements, helping you navigate the intricacies of global taxation. 

Our Tax Law Experience

Kelly Swartz is board-certified in intellectual property law with an LLM in taxation and has over 15 years of experience helping individuals and businesses. She also advises them on the optimal tax treatment related to agreements, business transactions, and corporate structures. She offers tax planning services to help her clients understand the complexity of tax laws as they relate to their specific business. She should also be your first call if you receive an IRS Notice of Deficiency letter to help determine the most appropriate course of action. 

Jeff DeRosier has almost 20 years of experience in taxation in several fields; estate tax planning, business taxation, tax controversy, transactional taxation, reporting and compliance, tax issues arising in litigation, and asset protection. As a complex litigation attorney, he can use his knowledge of taxes to spot issues, use them to his clients’ advantage, and help with tax savings along the way.   

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If you have questions or need legal assistance related to tax issues, please contact us today at 321-341-4964 or fill out our contact form to receive a free consultation with one of our experienced tax attorneys located in Melbourne or Celebration, Florida.

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