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Unlocking Success: 7 Benefits of Outsourcing General Counsel Services for Your Business

Many business owners are busy juggling the day-to-day demands of running a business. These same business owners often face legal challenges that require strategic thinking and take their focus away from running the business. While some larger corporations have the luxury of an in-house legal team to handle all of their legal issues, many businesses, […]

Validity of a Springing Power of Attorney in Florida

A Springing Power of Attorney is a specific type of power of attorney that is activated only upon the incapacity of the principal party. Upon the principal party’s determination of incapacity by a physician or a Court Order, the agent designated in the Springing Power of Attorney is then able to secure and manage the […]

Florida is the Top Place for Military Retirees

Wallethub recently performed an analysis based upon several criteria and determined that Florida is the top place for military retirees.  This may shock some (ok, probably not), but for those who are the born and raised type of Floridian, this really isn’t a surprise.  How could it be?  Beaches, warm weather, no state income tax, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Tax Attorney Review Your IRS Notices

Receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a source of stress and confusion for individuals and businesses. These notices, often filled with complex language and intricate legal details, can have significant implications for your financial well-being. That’s where a tax attorney comes in. Enlisting the expertise of a tax attorney to […]

Understanding Copyright Protection: Your Guide to Safeguarding Creative Works

In today’s modern age, where creativity has no bounds, protecting your intellectual property is of paramount importance. Copyright protection grants creators exclusive rights to their original works, ensuring they can reap the rewards of their creativity, time, and effort. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, artist, musician, or any other creative professional, here’s a summarized guide […]

Mason Williams Recognized as 2024 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch

Congratulations to J. Mason Williams IV for his recognition in the 2024 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America. He’s been highlighted for his work in: Commercial Litigation Litigation – Construction Litigation – Trusts and Estates Lawyers recognized in Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America are divided by geographic region and practice areas, and […]


The world of business is complex, and when it comes to forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida, there’s more to consider than just filing the necessary paperwork. Having an Operating Agreement in your Florida LLC is extremely important, even though Florida law does not mandate it. Here’s why it is crucial: Clarifying Organizational […]

Changes to Florida’s Defect Statute of Limitations and Statute of Repose

Earlier this year, there was a significant change to Florida’s construction laws that may have a bigger impact on property owners than initially anticipated. The statute of repose, which was previously set at 10 years, has now been reduced to 7 years with the passing of Senate Bill 360. The statute of limitations, along with […]


A tax deficiency, as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is a discrepancy between the amount of taxes you have reported on your return and what the IRS calculates you owe. This discrepancy often arises when the income you reported on your tax return differs from the income reported to the IRS by your […]

Service Animals v. Emotional Support Animals – Part 1

What is a service animal? Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog [or miniature horse] that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Examples of tasks that service […]

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